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WOW 5.0 Guide: Scenarios & Pet Battle System

Pet Battle System


In the new expansion of WOW: Mists of Pandaria, a new mini strategy game will be added. Players will be able to have more fun with Snowshoe Rabbit, Mechanical Squirrel and other cute companies.


Pet battle is a turn based strategy game. Players can teach their pets unique abilities and attacks, and they will use these abilities when battling other pets (or some special wild pets). As they fight and win battles, the pets will gain experience and level up, which makes them tougher and may even unlock new abilities. Different pets have different stats, such as attack and defense, and their unique abilities. During battle, players can replace their pets according to opponent’s pet’s type and ability.


Pet battle is independent from player’s character. The experience gained from pet battle won’t help player in PVE or PVP—however, pet battle will be a good way to kill time when you are waiting for grouping.



This is the interface of setting battle pets. We can see the player has already unlocked 2 battle slots. He has to complete achievement to unlock the third battle slot.


Only pet in the battle slots can appear in the pet battle. According to the following actual battle image, players can battle with their pets in solo matches or teams of up to three pets. These battles will be turn-based.


We can see from the battle slots that each pet can use three abilities. The abilities have different types. The belt-shape item under pet’s icon is pet’s equip (necklace).


In the left list, we can see pets have their own level.



This is the Pet Trainer list.


In the left list, the golden parts on the top are abilities pets have already mastered. And the below names and locations are the relevant trainer. Once you click the name, you will be able to see the location in the map and the ability on the right side.


Current we don’t know whether players need to defeat the trainer to learn abilities.



This is the image of the actual battle.


The bottom left is player and top right is the opponent. Pet’s name, portrait, HP bar, race and level are displayed on the top.


We can also see the buff and debuff the pet has. The buff may come from pet’s active/passive skills.


Below the pet’s status bar are pets’ portraits which can be sent to battle. The player on the right side has one pet died (portrait is red).


Among the skill bar in the bottom middle, the left side is pet’s skills and right side is trainer’s (player’s) skills. Blood bottle means regenerate life. It has cooldown or restriction. Gauze means capture, and it’s only effective to wild pet. Rotation icon means replace pet with other pet which can be sent to battle. The red one is quit.


Lastly is pet’s ability interface.


The pets players haven’t gotten are in grey. Players can find the capture location or method.


Pet’s ability interface on the right side:


The left side is four stats: attack, defense, agility and HP.


The right side is capture location and lore.


Below side is skill list, which have to be unlocked by leveling up and the traditional button “Summon Pet”.




  1. Pets can gain experience in battle and level up.
  2. Pets can get abilities by training and leveling up.
  3. Each pet type is strong against one type of companion damage and weak against one other type of companion damage.
  4. Battle slots have to be unlocked by completing achievement.
  5. Players can battle with their pets in solo matches or teams of up to three pets. These battles will be turn-based.
  6. Battle pets can be replaced.
  7. Pets with the same type have fixed grow rate and abilities.
  8. Different types of pets have different grow rates and abilities.
  9. Pet can battle with NPCs.
  10. Players can capture pets in the wild.
  11. The ways of getting some of the current pets may change.
  12. Pet may be limited by types when learning abilities—for example, a pet can only learn 3 active skills and 3 passive skills.



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