Vale of Eternal Blossoms(Level 90)


The ancient seat of the pandaren empire has been hidden for generations, shrouded in mists and walled-off by impassible mountains.  The waters of the Vale are believed to have mystical powers... which has attracted the attention of ancient enemies as well as power-hungry factions within the Alliance and Horde. What secrets lie buried below this mystical font of power?








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  • By Ferari (not verified)

    @Soneoak I played a holy paldain in TBC if u wonder and about ur shp requirements well, thats not rly true sure it was a plus to have a shp/ret pally (judgement passive healing) in 25mans, but it wasnt imposible w/o them.Anyway, dont wanna get into details with u as it may drag out too long, but overall back then when u achieved something, it rly felt that way and now? now including wotlk was and still is Easy Mode ON . They nerf everything for the kids!

    Aug 22. 2012
  • By Guilherme (not verified)

    I think that if Blizzard did move to the free-to-play model it would be a mistake. LotRO moved to f2p bsceuae of DDO's success with the system. However, i think the reason that it worked so well for these games is that WoW is still the big daddy. People are going to hold onto their WoW accounts and while they may have interest in other games, can't afford more than one and if they have to choose, WoW is it. If WoW moves to f2p I think they will lose a lot of casual players. Also, LotRO and DDO both have an older demographic (the average player age is older). WoW is still the preferred MMO for young people, who might just turn off their subscriptions if it doesn't mean theyre locked out of the game.

    Aug 22. 2012
  • By Ecrin (not verified)

    No. Just froma pure business pesprective, it is not possible for WoW to go F2P. Blizzard would have to replace that revenue stream with some other IP. That new IP would have to generate the same revenue and by default consume equivalent resources in order to replace WoW. So therefore, WoW going F2P would not be 1) cost effective and 2)it would consume resources that could be used to generate revenue. Not a good business decision.In laymen terms:Right now you go to work, earn a paycheck and pay bills. Now imagine that I offer you the same job, making slightly more money and I ask you to continue to work (part time just a few hours on the weekends) at your old job.Blizzard (like everyone else) is subject to the same psuedo economic principle: DEBT RISES TO MEET INCOME. With the current structure of the Blizzard company it's not possible for them to make less money and still survive. The revenue from the WoW IP is just too massive what is now like 8 million plus subscribers (conservative esitmate of course!) at $15 per month. And you want to try to give that up?? If I owned some Vivendi, and if they went F2P, I'd sell tomorrow.

    Aug 22. 2012
  • By Byron (not verified)

    Yes. For the first time in I can't remember, WoW is flialny adding alternate game systems and not focusing on Raiding as the big draw. FINALLY. I'm so tired of the raiding only endgame mentality. So a big YES from me.Plus getting Diablo 3 for free and a free mount and access to the expansion beta is a nice sugar coating too good to pass up hehe.

    Aug 20. 2012
  • By Hiroki (not verified)

    D&D will not be scrapped. While it's celrainty not doing as well as the good folks at Hasbro would like it to do in it's most current iteration, it's still the best-known name in role-playing games today. To shut it down would be one of the most catastrophic business mistakes in hobby games industry history. And it's an industry basically categorized by its incredible mistakes.If Hasbro doesn't want it anymore, which is celrainty a possibility, they will likely sell the intellectual property to someone else. And someone else will buy it, for basically any asking price, just to be able to print under the Dungeons & Dragons name. Because while the name may not be making Monopoly money, it makes Oprah-money compared to the vast majority of role-playing game properties.

    Aug 20. 2012
  • By Richard (not verified)

    it was my understanding that they deidecd to remove most of their instanced focus on this expansion because that is the biggest complaint of all the people who left, no random events, no nontaggable participation mob zones, no sense of urgency outside of the age old dungeon system. also, running dungeons all the time for everything is not what the modern player enjoys and they know that those who are still subbed are only holding on by a thread. I'm not going back because 1: they still use subs 2: they charge entirely too much for things like character transfers 3: they wait until they begin losing subs en mass before making any changes. these devs suck.

    Aug 19. 2012